Holiday Leave Policy

Students will be allowed to go home the following holidays : –

1 Raksha Bandhan Holiday
2 Diwali holiday camp ( According to calendar )
3 Winter Vacation
4 Holi Holidays( excluding the Board of classes )
5 Special circumstances be allowed to leave . Such as: –

( 1 ) When the child ‘s self- therapy or special unwell .
( 2 ) real brother sister ‘s wedding ( on invitation for submission )

Alok : –

1. Declared a holiday on the specified date and time will be payable .
2. late to arrive late fee will automatically be adjusted to account for commodity reserves .
3. parents, local guardian other guirdian  full brother to get certified at the set time will be close kin . And leisure time will be authorized to carry only brother . The information will not be valid phone .

Hostel Rules

1 Determine excluding holidays Students are not allowed to go home .
2. Parents can meet with our child only on first week of sunday between 9 AM to 5 PM between . Evidence to 5 pm at the request of parents, the child will be allowed to carry out .
3 In the event of unavoidable reasons to School Parents will receive prior permission from management by telephone .
4. If the student is absent due date over 4 Vshubndar account then Rs 100 / – per day late fee will be adjusted automatically . After seven days will be deducted from the student’s name School and Hostel .
5 little evidence of the phone call from 8 am to 6 pm on Sundays soon as possible. Hereafter child will not be possible to talk on the phone , the message can be delivered .
6.As a special case prior permission from the other parent in 6 days Room, If your child can get . Accommodation or have permission to go to class .
7 child Vshubndar accounts ( personal accounts) in respect of periodical to obtain information . Necessary to provide additional funds deposited therein . ( The minimum amount necessary to take into account is Rs 1000 . )
8 students did not eat and drink with the objects . Students come from food , not even give him any .
9. As a student of the precious stuffs neck chain , ring , watch , camera , mobile and funds do not .
Upon receipt of such forfeiture shall be forfeited to precious stuffs . If any stuff such loss shall not be liable School .
10 mobile , electronic devices , cash, food or child are found to be part of the School campus student financial penalties or suspended / expelled being could.
11 student / students mentality School East in the event of damaging individual and collective asset can be pecuniary penalty .
12 School and hostel rules to discipline the student ‘s Ullgn or suspended / expelled may be . In the event of termination charges related rules to be valid .
13 If the student is off campus without permission is or is part of the School shall be the responsibility nor shall any compensation .
14 students of the period of suspension shall be sent home . Students whose total expenditure will be adjusted to account for the object repository .
15 School legislation and the arrangements made ​​only after complete satisfaction .

Note : – The above points and will be the basis of innocence unknowingly . Jaipur will have jurisdiction to settle all disputes .